The New Online Distribution Model
There has been much debate about the entertainment distribution model. And it would appear the general public has the desire for easily accessible content at a modest price. And have the release of the content, coincide with any theatrical release. The price level and accessibility depend on the budget level of the project. But, in this case let's put our initial budget at $500,000. From modest estimations, total labor on a production comes in around $250,000. Actor salaries and star power will make this number grow. This leaves a couple thousand left over for advertising and promotion. Rather than looking for the traditional route, of expensive TV spots and billboard advertising, spend a modest budget on online advertising. Specifically Facebook. Using Facebook users selected interests. Example Films, Movies, Action. Kung Fu. Along with movies they have liked, that are similar in nature to the project. Coinciding with campaigns on genre specific blogs and websites catering to those genres. Click here for More.

Art of Pain

Farewell Darkness


Mogo Doesn't Socialize

I Want Him Dead Website and Promotional Material

Three Times a Lady Website and Promotional Material
uPressplay creates and markets original content ranging from feature films, short films, viral videos, websites and promotional material. Founded in 2001, uPressplay served as showcase and networking site for filmmakers and musicians. Since 2008, uPressplay has focused on feature length film production. Owner, operator and sometimes background extra, Matthew M. Jones has degrees from Michigan State University in Advertising and Columbia College, Chicago in Film and Video. His most recent projects include websites for The Amazing Spiderman, Cars 2, Robin Hood and Unstoppable.
Expression Engine
Pay Pal
Rackspace Cloud Hosting
Mirror Image Streaming Media
Samsung TV
Red State Movie Site
Louis C.K.
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